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Let us know who you are to allow us to contact you using email 

If you are responding to a request to provide information or ideas please use the response box below. Otherwise it may be left blank.

By completing this form you are giving permission for the PPG to contact you using your email. Please do not use this form to request medication or to create a message for a clinician.  The PPG will not be able to respond to this type of request.

Thank you for providing this information

Please note that when you click submit, the form is sent unencrypted via the world wide web

Privacy Statement
We treat the security of your contact details very seriously.  To read our privacy statement click here.

The Purpose of the Patient Participation Group

The purpose of the PPG is to: 


  • Promote and maximise patient participation, ensuring the best principles of equality and diversity are adopted.

  • Support the Practice in encouraging education and self-help approaches to good health; preventative medicine; and health literacy.

  • Provide the means for patients to make positive suggestions about the Practice and their own healthcare, that are evidence based and a matter of wider concern.

  • Act as a representative group that can be called upon to influence provision of health and social care.

  • Build relationships with other PPGs and health related organisations from the wider community in supporting our patients.

What do I gain from being involved with the PPG?
  • You will receive information about initiatives in which to get involved that could help you to maintain your health and wellbeing​

  • You have a means to make your voice heard on improving services the Practice offers

  • You have easy access to health related information that supports your wellbeing

  • Access to activity groups with a specific health focus

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