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There are on-line links available to resources that support patients in taking control of their health and developing self-help strategies - using on-line services

There is no one right way to think about how to take responsibility for your own health.  However the two main starting points are:

  • managing your long term health condition or

  • using on-line services to manage your wellness and minor ailments

Maintain a balance in your life

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Managing your long term health condition


If you are managing a long term health condition that has been diagnosed by a health practitioner you will be following advice about how best to cope with your condition. This may include medication or managing your lifestyle to avoid making your illness worse. By following this advice you are taking responsibility for your health.


You may need regular visits to the practice to check on your condition.  However this may not need to be your GP as the Practice has a variety of other health practitioners who are specialists in dealing with a specific health issue, who it might be better for you to see.

The Practice Receptionist is your friend in working out whom it might be best for you to see and in some instances it may not be your GP.   So please help them to identify the person who is best placed to help you.

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So when you are faced with the idea of self-help to manage your 'illness' or 'wellness' you are not on your own.  There is a variety of support available and you need to seek the type which is right for you in the situation you find yourself.


See the column on the right to learn about on-line services.


Also look out for activities that the PPG promote to provide information on common illnesses that are aimed to support you in managing your health needs related to a specific condition.

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On-line services
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Patient Access is a website and mobile app which gives you access to a range of GP services online, as well as access to your health records.

Using Patient Access will allow you to:

  • Book your GP appointments from the website or app

  • Order your repeat prescriptions directly from the website or app

  • Access your medical records

Click on the heart            to sign up for Patient


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Click on the image above to find out how you may support your children in managing stress and their mental health, especially during the pressures they are facing due their return to school and the isolation of lockdown.

Managing the health needs of your children

The NHS website 'Healthier Together' has topic based advice to support parents and carers to manage concerns about the health of a child for which they care. The guidance supports parents or carers in deciding which health care professional might be best placed to help in the first instance. Depending on the seriousness of the health problem, this may be someone other than the GP. Click on the image below to go to the site for further information.

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In addition to short term illness issues you will find by clicking the image above, the site provides information about longer term developmental issues to help your child grow safe and healthy. These are shown in the images on the right, under the heading 'keeping your child safe and healthy.  Click the image to go to the webpage showing this information.

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